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The Home Office, also commonly referred to as the Home Management Center, serves a key function in any busy home. Our goal is to leverage all of the latest technologies to allow our clients to not only be productive in their home office, but also enjoy all of the amenities that technology can offer. Our clients can easily adjust the lighting, televisions and music from a sleek in-wall touch panel or a tabletop display. If they want to check on the kids playing outdoors, they can simply press the Camera button and choose from any of the IP cameras available. In addition, the touch panel allows them to control every aspect of their home including the automated entry system, surveillance cameras, opening of garage doors, Temperature settings, Fireplace Control, etc…Having the ability to control each aspect of your home is becoming a key feature that we ensure gets properly implemented the first time around. Our team’s extensive experience and resources as a dealer ensures a smooth installation and delivering products that are very simple for anyone in the home to use.

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Discerning and refined, our smart home clients are looking beyond connected devices all over the house. They appreciate the simplicity of automation, where equipment is all interconnected and settings are centralized. Beyond answering the technological needs of its clients, Canadian Smart Systems goes a step further, incorporating aesthetics into all their smart equipment installations, with special attention. One of our standard practices, for instance, is to conceal the connected speakers in our sound systems so that they blend in with the rest of a client’s decor and wall colour.


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