Entertainment Centers

Elevate the dining ambiance and create a memorable experience for your guests with smart technology for audio, video, lights, window treatments, HVAC, and security. From a centralized touch screen, easily deliver entertainment on TVs on different channels and music from multiple sources. Controlling AV in a sports bar or restaurant can be simple for every member of your team. Adjust house lights effortlessly with one press of a button for lunch or dinner, or have lights automatically adjust over time without lifting a finger as your space transitions from day to night. At closing time, it takes one press on a touch screen to power everything down, lock doors, and arm the security system.


Smart Building Technology

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Audio / Video

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Lighting Control

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Point of Sale

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We’ve Been Building For Over 10 Years

From restaurant owners to grocers to hotels to fitness centers and all other businesses, our commercial automation clients all want simplify their work while enhancing their customer and employee experience. Whether it’s working on your smart sound system,smart lighting, or improving the security of your establishment, we’d be delighted to offer a solution customized to your needs. By setting yourself apart from the competition with such modern comforts, it’s never been easier to get your customers talking and generating that oh-so-important word of mouth.


Gas Station Automation & Security

Gas Station & Car Wash Automation & Security Systems Providing real time alerts to remote attendants monitoring sites 24 hours a day.
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