Imagine being able to easily control every aspect of your property at the touch of a button. Automation technology can allow you to have one aspect or all aspects of your home or business fully automated. Canadian Smart Systems features Crestron Electronics, Control4 and Leviton, leaders in home automation, to control all of your subsystems. From lighting in the garden to surround sound in your home theater, there is a solution that allows you to completely customize and control every part of your home exactly how you want to.

93% agreed that controlling their home remotely will have a positive impact on their quality of life. -WiFi Alliance Study


Our Services

Canadian Smart Systems is your one-stop-shop for all of your audio video and electronic system needs. From fully integrated smart homes to adding a flat panel television in the living room, our experienced staff handles any size job at all levels. We are a full service company providing design consultation, complete installation, system programming, and sale of equipment at competitive prices. Our enthusiastic designers and technicians have a solution for you whether you are building a brand new home, remodeling, or simply updating your current audio video system.

  • Reasonable monthly monitoring fees
  • Extremely fast alarm response
  • User-friendly systems


Canadian Smart Systems provides 24/7 Alarm Monitoring from our state-of-the-art ULC Listed Monitoring facility with NO long-term contracts.

  • Reasonable monthly monitoring fees
  • Extremely fast alarm response
  • User-friendly systems


Surveillance cameras are a great crime deterrent, because those planning on invading your home will know that their activities are being watched, and possibly recorded. Since burglars need to do their work undetected, any signs of surveillance will cause them to reconsider.

  • Check the identity of all guests before granting entry
  • Deter burglars and invaders away from your premises
  • Increased security and safety for employees/workers in commercial facilities


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You can always call one of our team members at 647-931-2277 with any questions or to book a appointment over the phone.

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