Automation & Security

One System. One App. For Everything..

Lights, Locks, Thermostat, and Security. The smart home system anyone can use. What is a Smart Home? Imagine being able to easily control every aspect of your house at the touch of a button. Home automation technology can allow you to have one aspect or all aspects of your home fully automated. Think of one control for all of your home theater, automated lighting, climate control in every room, and an alarm system you never have to worry about. Canadian Smart Systems can help you make your property a Smart property today. When creating a Smart Home, there are many subsystems to consider. Everything including audio, video, heating, air-conditioning, alarms, surveillance, motorized shades, lighting, sprinklers, even pool and spa control, can go into making a fully automated and customized Smart Home. The key to truly successful Smart Home Automation is employing one reliable system that integrates all the elements of your home in an easy-to-navigate interface. Canadian Smart Systems features Crestron Electronics, Control4 and leviton, leaders in home automation, to control all of your subsystems. From lighting in the garden to surround sound in your home theater, there is a solution that allows you to completely customize and control every part of your home exactly how you want to. In addition to handheld, desktop, and in-wall touch screens, you can even control your property from your Apple iPod, iPad, or Android device, whether at home or remotely. Canadian Smart Systems can help you navigate all these choices and get your Smart propety fully automated and customized for your life. Visit our blog to see our top 5 tips when thinking about home automation, and then call us to arrange an in-home consultation and receive an estimate on your new Smart Systems today!

KEYFOB Convenience

Control Smart Care from a keyfob solution. No need to have an iPhone or iPad handy to control your home. We can easily program your system for a “good bye” scene that unlocks and opens your door, turns out all of the lights, adjusts the HVAC, and activates the security system – all from one button on your keyfob.

When creating a “Smart Home” there are many subsystems to consider. Anything and everything, including Audio, Video, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Alarm, Surveillance, Motorized Shades, Lighting, Sprinklers, Pool Control, and the list goes on, can be integrated in your customized Smart Home. For a truly successful Smart Home, it is important to have one reliable system that can integrate all of these elements together, in an easy-to-navigate interface. Canadian Smart Systems can help you with all the options and get your Smart home fully automated and customized for you.


We specialize in residential and commercial security systems:
• Fire
• Intrusion
• Environmental:
o Carbon Monoxide
o High Water Detection
o Low Temperature Detection
• Medical/Emergency
• Access Control
Our goal is to protect your family and your business with products designed to provide you with highest quality of equipment and service.
Helping you make the right safety decision is our passion.

Apple IOS and Android

Our most common interface is the Apple iOS or Android solution. Easily control your home from your phone or tablet and have the convenience and peace of mind and automated can provide