A Leviton automation system provides comprehensive energy saving solutions to reduce your energy usage. From a smartphone or tablet, warm up or cool down the house after a vacation, check on temperatures, and save energy. Using Leviton Systems, you gain control over 100% of your energy management needs. Studies show that dimming a light by just 10% can double the life of the bulb. Leviton systems can automatically set lights to 90%, saving you money every time a light is turned on.


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Maintain comfort while saving energy. Automate lighting, temperatures, pumps, fountains, water heaters, irrigation, and other energy-consuming devices based upon schedules or events.
Energy Management Automation



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Lighting Automation can enhance the enjoyment and property value of any home and business. Add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on energy bills. The lighting controls can operate as a stand-alone or with an Omni or Lumina control system for advanced scheduling and remote access.



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